Capacent is out to redefine the practice of management consulting.

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Capacent is a Nordic management consulting firm focusing on improving our customer’s profitability and cash flow. We do this by challenging the current ways of working from top management to the shop floor. Change is about far more than advice – it’s about behavior, communication, data analytics and creativity. By combining the right competences and individuals, we can guarantee results and are ready to tie our fee to the value generated.

Edvard Björkenheim

Former badminton champion
CEO at Capacent

If you want to know more about what
business transformation has to do with
badminton, please contact us >

Per Sundberg

Weekend jazz player
Director at Capacent

If you want to find out what music has to
do with digitalisation and transparency,
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Ann Bergström

Experienced traveler
Director at Capacent

If you want to find out more about what traveling
and the future of selling and buying have in common,
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Joakim Hörwing

Mountain bike enthusiast
Director at Capacent

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challenges are connected to mountain biking,
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Sara Josefsson

Choir singer
Consultant at Capacent

If you want to find out more about what accapella
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Eveliina Vainio

Analyst at Capacent

”See the world differently.” If you want to hear
more about what art has to do with digitalisation
and new business models, please contact us >

Thomas Lundström

Captain of an old tugboat
Country manager in Finland

How can you successfully create new opportunities
based on an existing foundation? If you want to know
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continuous improvement, please contact us >

Anna Lehtinen

Open Water Diver
Administrative Manager at Capacent

Every dive has to be planned well, same
goes with projects. If you want to know
more about Capacent project management,
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Global trends that we follow and contribute to which affects the society and our clients

Business transformation

The fundamental changes in many businesses’ market environments force companies themselves to change radically – either proactively or reactively. How do companies predict the need for change, and how do they actively transform before it’s too late?

Willingness to change

The only constant things are change, and resistance to it. We aim to become a benchmark in the industry by elaborating on change from a wide perspective. Instead of solely focusing on the processes of change and its theoretical and practical implications, Capacent goes much further. Sociology, human behavior, historical changes, communication and the psychology of change are pivotal to Capacent’s stance on this topic.

Changed logic of buying

The way people purchase has changed dramatically. The change is profound, both in terms of B2B and B2C. New business logics, revenue models and value chains are emerging with increasing speed and digitalisation is behind it all. As a progressive and modern management consultant Capacent follow them closely, even the marginal ones. They may soon be not-so-marginal.

The digital challenge

Digitalisation provides data, and data should yield understanding. It also increases communicative capacity, which means that companies will be more closely monitored by their stakeholders – on an everyday basis. How do we maximise the impact of internal transparency and make sure that, as a company, we can cope with transparency opening us up to the world?

Magnus Östlund

Magnus Östlund

Do you want to know more about Business transformation?

Please contact Magnus Östlund
Telephone: +46 70 558 5375

Mikko Myllys

Mikko Myllys

Do you want to know more about Change Management?

Please contact Mikko Myllys
Telephone: +358 50 411 1080

Ann Bergström

Ann Bergström

Do you want to know more about Changed logic of buying?

Please contact Ann Bergström
Telephone: +46 70 355 5267

Per Sundberg

Per Sundberg

Do you want to know more about Digital transformation?

Please contact Per Sundberg
Telephone: +46 72 222 1561

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