Core values in practice – Eric Nyberg

Core values in practice – Eric Nyberg

Company values are often intended to be the foundation upon which a company is built. However, these values are sometimes hard to understand, and even harder to incorporate.

At Capacent, our values are more straightforward and therefore easier to both understand and set into practice, compared with many other companies. Our six core values, which are all connected to our motto “The Nordic Way”, are: Value Focus, Excellence, All the way, No nonsense, Spirit and Reflection.

To me, some of these have a very special meaning; both Spirit and All the way are values I can relate to during long rides on my race bike, where a strong spirit, stubbornness and goal focus contribute to a strong mind-set. The urge to improve has always been important for me within everything from cooking to writing papers and exams. And when asked what I do in practice to constantly improve, the words No nonsense and Reflection have never been far away.

Did company values affect my decision to join Capacent? Yes, they did. Because values are more than empty words, they reflect the personalities of the people you will spend a lot of time with, and the culture within which you will learn and develop. Having clear values has made it easier for me to know what to expect, as well as what is expected of me. And even more important, having clear values I can relate to, among colleagues who feel the same way, has created a work atmosphere I truly enjoy.

Six weeks in, I feel quite content with the fact that I let company values affect my decision to join Capacent!

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