My first weeks at Capacent – Oskar Norberg

My first weeks at Capacent – Oskar Norberg

My summer was spent travelling and rebooting my brain from five years of studies. A completely free summer was well needed after spending the previous ones working. When September finally arrived my batteries were charged and I was eager to start working. Since then, time has passed by quickly and as I write this my sixth week at Capacent is coming to an end.

As a participant of the Capacent Analyst Rotational Program, I am currently in the Operations team for my first rotation. I have already gained valuable experience within supply chain management in general, and working capital in particular. For example, I have constructed a model for simulating inventory levels and looked into how a supply chain financing solution would affect a company’s working capital. Besides interesting work assignments, my first few weeks at Capacent have offered several different educational courses, covering a range of topics, e.g. Excel, Power Point, problem solving, communication, interview techniques etc.

Although a lot has happened during my first weeks, the workload has not been too heavy. Before joining Capacent, I remember how people at the firm emphasized the importance of a good work-life balance. After seeing the various activities my colleagues are involved in during their free time, I realize that it was more than just empty talk. As someone who recently moved to Stockholm, hoping to see and do as much as possible in this city, I really appreciate that I have the time to do so.

Last but not least, my colleagues are one of the main reasons why I enjoy working at Capacent. For an analyst, no question is too stupid to ask and the input I receive from my colleagues is the primary reason for my steep learning curve. All in all, I am really happy with my first six weeks at Capacent!

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