Malin’s experience from the Female Talent Program

Malin’s experience from the Female Talent Program

Participating in Capacent’s Female Talent Program was one of my most rewarding experiences during the last year of university. Together with a talented and skilled group of women from all over the country, I had the opportunity to familiarize myself with Capacent on a deeper level while simultaneously developing my own skills.

Throughout the fall we had seminars, training sessions, inspiring presentations and individual coaching sessions, all aimed at giving us an understanding in what it means to be a management consultant and how to become one. These events were then combined with a lot of social activities, creating a more fun and relaxed atmosphere.

To me, one of the most important factors when deciding where to start my career was the culture. But sometimes it is hard to know a company’s culture before you apply. This is why I truly appreciated this program, since it gave me several opportunities to fully understand Capacent and my potential colleagues in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

At the end of the program I was certain that Capacent was the place for me, and with all the training I had received I felt well prepared for the recruitment process to come.

Malin Dahlbom, incoming Analyst and participant in Female Talent Program 2016