The digitalization effects the society in all levels, especially our way of media consumption. During 2014 the media group Bonnier launched a broad change program, with the target of being a leading digitalized media company. Bonnier assigned Capacent the task to support in work of release cash tied up in the group – Cash to be used to finance the digitalization within the company

What we did.

We´ve been working close with the business and the different Bonnier companies world wide. The initial analysis conducted was connected to the different business model effects on the balance sheet and income statement. The change work was characterized by a strong focus of implementing prioritized activities and realize sustainable effects. All done in co-operation with the local organizations


During the project Capacent have challenged old habits, truths and way or working as well as implementation of new processes, tools and templates. An important part of the project has been to increase the understanding of the balance sheet and implement a cash flow mindset in the organization. The financial effects from the project came rather fast, and up until today more than 1 Bn SEK of cash has been released from the balance sheet.


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