Project Management Office (PMO) for Wihuri Oy Aarnio

The support from Capacent freed up management time to focus on managing the daily business and on identifying new opportunities to further develop the business. We can expect to see the management continue the Wihuri Oy Aarnio success story for at least another 100 years.

Wihuri Oy Aarnio


Wihuri Oy Aarnio is one of the largest wholesale operators in Finland and is run by the same family who started the business 100 years ago. Aarnio offers over 30,000 items: fresh goods, frozen goods, general and specific merchandise, plus a complete line of alcoholic beverages. Its extensive sales and distribution network, with 31 Metro Cash-and-Carry outlets throughout the country, provides 48-hour delivery to customers in every part of Finland.

As a move to further develop the business and improve the efficiency, a decision was taken to initiate further development projects. Capacent was asked to support the structuring of the project portfolio as well as the implementation of these projects.

What we did.

The project started in June 2012 with structuring of the project portfolio. All management team members and other key resources were involved in the prioritization of the projects as well as creating the initial timeline for the whole portfolio.

Each project manager was individually supported in creating detailed project scope, timelines and resourcing plans. A standardized way to manage and follow-up development projects were created, which helped all projects to be synchronized with the rest of the organization.

A special focus in the coordination was given to the critical product and customer information management. As most of the projects were somehow linked to these pieces of information, the linkage between the timelines and project requirements had to be carefully planned and monitored.

During the implementation phase, follow-up of the project portfolio was managed in the monthly management group meetings. More specific focus was directed towards the projects that were facing challenges and supporting these project groups to meet set timelines.

In a few larger projects, the way people managed their daily job was dramatically affected. PMO organized specific change management training sessions to support the project managers and team members to lead the change throughout the organization. To support the implementations and especially guarantee that the most important parts were carefully managed, specific tools such as Gate models were developed and implemented.


Capacent’s involvement resulted in improved project planning, more structured project follow-up and timelier implementation. Many obstacles were tackled before dramatic delays took place, as the key information was communicated to decision makers.

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