Need-oriented sales process with the decisions in realtime for Folksam


At the beginning of the 1900s there was an initiative to create better conditions and to offer insurance to all people in society, no matter social class. Folksam was created and is still today running successful operations and offerings to the general public. However, there is always room for improvement and this specific challenge concerned the sales team.

Sales was completely focused on offering customers a new product without listening to the customer’s need or carry out any sort of structured customer-oriented need-analysis. The sales team was fragmented and product oriented. These factors led to customers’ receiving offers that were not necessarily the most beneficial ones to them, which in turn led to unprofitable business for Folksam.

What we did.

Together with Folksam, Capacent carried out a generic need-oriented sales and service process for Telemarketing and Customer Service, with the goal of implementing this in all sales channels. The new process is supported by a new information system where the sales person receives suggestions of appropriate products to sell. Based on a dialogue with a customer regarding the customer needs and wishes, appropriate products are shown. This is later followed up by the process-based decision system which gives Folksam the opportunity to learn even more about the customer and the market.


Today, customers are more likely to make purchases that match their need to a whole different level compared to a few years ago. During customer meetings new needs can be discovered and this can then lead to further sales. The new decision system enables managers to monitor the sales process and identify opportunities for improving its efficiency.

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