Working Capital Optimization

I am very satisfied that our solvency and financial position strengthened in January-September. Our equity ratio (35.2%) is now in line with our target for the startegy period and our gearing (62.1%) is clearly lower than in previous years, thanks to our determined efforts to optimise working capital, strategic divestments and financial arrangements. Our stronger balance sheet gives us greater financial flexibility in an uncertain market.

Timo Kohtamäki

President & CEO , Lemminkäinen


Lemminkäinen went through a period of low profitability combined with high indebtedness. External financing was costly while internal cash flow weakened.

What we did.

Company-wide Working Capital Management program was launched. Key processes, such as, order fulfillment, project management (terms, call-offs & payment schedules), invoicing, purchasing and collection, were optimized. The change towards cash culture took place from CEO to Construction sites.


More than 120 m€ cash was released with an extremely hands-on approach in cooperation between core teams from Lemminkäinen and Capacent. Sustainability and governance were secured with a targeted WCM reporting for different levels, functions and units.

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