Management for hire – CFO position


The CFO of Martela was leaving the company in November and it was anticipated that a new CFO would not be in place until March. Budgeting was ongoing and closing of the books was scheduled to January. Since Martela is a listed company there was no room for delays. After joint projects in balance sheet optimization, development of pricing methods and supporting the ERP project, Capacent is a trusted partner of Martela. Thus we were asked to support Martela as a temporary CFO.

What we did.

We handled all the CFO responsibilities including participating in the management team, leading the finance department, carrying out the budgeting, closing of the books and conducting all external reporting. When the new permanent CFO arrived in March, we ensured a proper hand-over to him. Business as usual.


During the four months of transition, the CFO tasks were carried out without delays or mistakes. For a public company the value of uninterrupted business is substantial.

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