Point International

Business model development with the aim to redesign the offering strategy.


Point International, a leading supplier of payment terminals in Scandinavia and Finland, was operating with a traditional product sales model. Their customers purchased a suitable terminal for a one-time price and then paid a nominal fee for software updates and data communications. Profitability and growth were good, but Point wanted to investigate if a different business model, involving a higher level of recurring revenues, could boost profit margins and further strengthen their competitive position.

What we did.

In close cooperation with the Point companies in Sweden and Norway, we looked at a number of alternative revenue models. Our assignment involved workshops with key personnel calculating outcomes of different alternatives in relation to gross margin and working capital. We also assessed operational changes and how customers and competitors would react to the business models that showed the greatest potential.

The best alternative would result in substantially higher profitability while offering customers a number of benefits.


A number of bundled offerings with different service levels and features at different prices. The new business model was launched in 2011 in Sweden and Norway, and a further rollout is planned. It has been very well-received by the market and has increased profitability and the company’s value. In addition, the new focus on customer value rather than hardware is helping Point to capture customers’ willingness to pay for service and additional benefits across a wide range of segments.

Recently the private equity firm Nordic Capital sold Point to the U.S. hardware manufacturer Verifone for a substantial profit.


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