Forming a common monitoring tool for market and customer-centric KPI’s


As a result of the 2009 merger between Posten AB and Post Danmark A/S (Swedish and Danish postal services), a new joint group – PostNord – was formed. The post-merger integration process emphasized on new group-wide key performance and monitoring tools for both financial and non-financial targets.

Providing services to both individuals and businesses in several distribution markets; physical mail and advertisements, parcels/logistics and information logistics/electronic messaging – and taking four business areas with operations in all Nordic markets as well as in Poland, France and UK into account – this featured a number of challenges.

What we did.

Before the merger, different organizational units had worked with different definitions and measures describing customer relationships.

Capacent’s assignment was to develop relevant KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for customer-related group targets such as customer value and competitive position, and to implement a process of measuring and reporting these KPIs on all levels within the group.

Together with representatives from PostNord’s different business areas and functions, a common platform was established for the project. Definitions for KPIs were standardized, among others for Customer Value Index (CVI). Next, explanatory models were developed, identifying what factors determine strong customer relationships and competitiveness. These models were used to design market surveys with a harmonized structure, but tailored for different product markets and customers.

Capacent played an active role in the development of customer targets and processes, and continuous adjustments and adaptions to changes in the organization. In the operational phase, Capacent acts as project coordinator, managing analysis and reporting and suggesting prioritized areas for improvements.


CVI (Customer Value Index) has now grown into PostNord ‘s common monitoring tool for continuous follow-up on customer satisfaction and customer perceptions of the business. The survey includes interviews with large corporate clients and samples of individuals and business customers in all business areas, countries and markets. KPIs are reported in a hierarchical manner from top group level down to sales managers or major clients. Twice a year, a large number of custom-made reports are distributed to recipients at different levels within the PostNord organization.

These survey reports, combined with daily contact with customers, are a prerequisite for creating better customer offers, finding the right business opportunities and identifying and dealing with the challenges that arise in operations. PostNord now constantly adjusts and develops their offers, corrects what is not fully working and works to meet customer needs and wishes. Within and between different parts of the group, there is an exchange of experiences and collaborations with the specific purpose of anticipating, understanding and resolving existing or new customer needs based on a common framework.

PostNord now has the means and common metrics to follow the vision of delivering world-class communication and logistics solutions to satisfied customers.

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