Insourcing of key business processes


After a supplier in charge of maintaining indoor climates for SJ’s train fleet terminated its contract, SJ decided to investigate possible new alternatives. Our challenge was to smoothly insource activities related to the maintenance of indoor climates for SJ’s entire fleet of trains. The aim of the project was to radically improve coordination of services between train stations across the country and to cut costs. Our team started by checking all cost, quality and organizational parameters. Findings showed that the best solution was to insource the indoor climate services at SJ’s depots to develop an internal support organization. Services needed at other locations were procured from external cleaning companies.

What we did.

Our senior consultant and SJ’s project manager formed a close two-headed leadership and established a team at the center of the project. More than 50 persons were directly involved, which required a well-structured organization.

Together with SJ’s personnel at the three hubs in Gothenburg, Malmö and Stockholm, we supported the organizational change (size and communication channels) and the introduction of new routines. The successful change management also included new facilities and equipment, 250 new employees and training of all personnel involved.


This was the largest insourcing project undertaken by SJ to date, and they praised the very smooth transition and minimal customer disturbance. As one person from SJ commented: “Capacent’s people really get their hands dirty!” Making sure that the job is done, that is our way. The Nordic way.