A case of turning customer insights into a competitive advantage for Telge Energi.


The Swedish energy market is an oligopoly with three dominating companies and a number of challengers – Telge Energi is one of the latter. They have successfully based their positioning on a clean energy proposition (produced from wind, sun and water), an active advisory service and transparent invoicing. Still, cost is an important factor for energy customers and since the price differentiation among competitors is minimal, Telge needed to further improve in many areas in order to win new market shares. Thus, the challenge for Capacent was to create outstanding tools for understanding the customers, existing and new ones, in order to always give them the most relevant offers, through the appropriate channels, at the right time.

What we did.

In short we contributed in the following areas:

  1. We developed an information platform to provide Telge Energi with a 360° view of their customers and the means to approach them more efficiently.
  2. We supported in the evaluation and procurement process regarding a new analysis and reporting tool.
  3. The design and development of a data warehouse solution and a management dashboard for ad-hoc analyses and recurring reports.
  4. We designed and implemented a CRM strategy based on increased customer insight, churn decrease, raised customer loyalty and profitability, structure and automation.


Telge Energi’s entire organization is now operating closer to its customers, making decisions and launching new ideas based on more relevant insights. There is also a sharper holistic view on how different business units should co-operate and how to boost customer- and product profitability.

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