Supply chain optimization with an inventory focus.


Following an unexpectedly large write-down of inventory values, Tokmanni decided to launch a project to ensure reliable inventory values and to decrease the annual inventory loss from 1.9% to 1.6%. Our assignment spanned the whole supply chain from purchase to sales.

What we did.

Together with Tokmanni we set new purchase-to-sales targets and put control functions in place to check how well the processes were carried out. With our support, Tokmanni launched a substantial training program for a large part of the staff. To ensure continuous improvement, a team of five controllers were assigned to address inventory management. Analyses were conducted, and follow-up tools were created and implemented. Reporting of inventories both from top management and stores improved. To lower the risk for unpleasant surprises in the year-end reporting, monthly provisions for inventory write-downs were also made.


Continuous improvements made inventory values more reliable, and no further write-downs were necessary. Inventory losses were cut back to a new, lower level and thereby lead to earnings improvements for Tokmanni.

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