Strategy consulting firm Occam Associates integrated with Capacent

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Occam Associates is a strategy consultancy firm founded in 2001 based in Stockholm. Occam has, similar to Capacent, a mission to increase the customer’s value through better business results. Occam’s professional focus is strategy, organization and performance management. Through the integration Capacent will be able to offer our customers strategic services and strengthen its abilities to manage organizational aspects of change. This in combination with our long experience in execution makes it possible for us to support our customers in the most efficient way – on an operative, tactical as well as strategical level.

With pragmatic processes and engaged co-workers Occam has delivered professional analysis, simple and well functioned solutions and active implementation support. This is accentuated by the name Occam that originates from the philosopher William of Occam, known for Occam´s Razor. Occam promoted the philosophy that complex solutions should be neglected in favor of reasonable and simple ones. A leading star for both Capacent and Occam since we always strive for simplicity and pragmatism to achieve maximal value together with our customers. For us this is one part of being Nordic.