A typical day at Capacent – Kajsa Grön Petersén

A typical day at Capacent – Kajsa Grön Petersén

Sometimes I am asked to describe a typical workday at Capacent, to which the simplest and most correct answer is – it varies from day to day!

Since starting as an analyst in January 2016, no two days have been alike. To illustrate my point, I would like to describe two of them.

Day 1
I wake up 04.45 and a cab picks me up at 05.30 to take me to the airport. The flight that will take me and my project manager to Helsinki departs at 07.00 and arrives at 09.00. We grab a cab to the central part of Helsinki where the workshop will take place between 10.30 and 13.30. While returning to the airport, we have lunch on the go and discuss key take aways from the workshop. The flight departs at 16.00, which means we arrive in Stockholm the same time, allowing us to grab a final cab for the office at Regeringsgatan to participate in an internal meeting between 17.00-18.00. Lastly, before leaving the office, I answer today’s emails and leave the office shortly after 19.00.

Day 2
I wake up at 07.30 and arrive at the office just before 09.00. Today’s schedule is almost free but I have reserved some “time for myself” to prepare a presentation for an internal meeting the following day. During the day I am asked to perform a few minor screenings of companies’ financial situations. At 16.30 I am done and can in good conscience head to the gym before I take an early evening.

In conclusion, the consulting profession varies in several regards. Hours per day, number of travel days, where the customer is located geographically, size of the project team, the length of the project and how much time we spend together with the customer all differ. This is the charm of the consulting profession and the reason for why I chose to become a consultant in the first place. Some days my schedule is filled from morning to night, while other days are quite peaceful. The balance between these days is what matters, and that is the reason why work-life balance is such an important topic at Capacent!

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