Why I chose Capacent – Marcus Ekström

Why I chose Capacent – Marcus Ekström

Five years of university goes by fast, and all of a sudden you need to start thinking about what to do after graduation. For me, management consulting was the answer, and the decision to join Capacent was an easy one for two main reasons; the Analyst Rotational Program and the culture at Capacent.

The single most important reason why I chose Capacent was the Analyst Rotational Program. By allowing analysts to rotate into different service areas during the first year, the program offers a great opportunity to gain a broad skillset. My first rotation has been within the Business Analytics team where I have had the opportunity to work with both internal and external projects. During one of my external projects I worked together with a Business Intelligence team from Capacent, defining our client’s Data Warehouse architecture and data flow processes.

Besides getting to know a lot of great colleagues, the rotation has already strengthened both my analytical and technical skills, which will be of good use in my future rotations within Operations, Commercial, Strategy and Finance.

Another strength with the rotation program is that the rotations are coupled with several different training courses and coaching sessions throughout the year. The courses cover everything from communication and problem solving to improving skills in useful tools like Excel, Power Point and Qlik Sense.

The second important reason why I chose Capacent was the culture. I got a very good first impression when I met Capacent during a career fair, and that impression has only been confirmed after joining the firm. The emphasis on a balanced lifestyle combined with a pragmatic approach to consulting, where focus is put on what truly delivers value, is something I really appreciate.

So far, my time at Capacent has been great and I am very happy with the decision to join Capacent!

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